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Honda One Make: Part 1 - Attacking the heat..

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Not one for too many words, but I'm back here again on the blog as it was due time for a post - and when I say time - no better than those that were attacking time and the heat at Monday's 'Honda One Make' race series over at Suzuka Circuit..

Suzuka Circuit of Mie-Ken

The day in question, as always, was held by Hayashi-San of Zerofighter.

His team are responsible for running the series and it always seems a well organized and efficient event each time around.


The team's Orange Color, as well as their range of parts from mufflers, suspension components, and other items, could be seen on many of the cars attending. (We sell all their goods from our parts team.)

Zerofighter goods can be found -

One of the most recent dominating teams not only in this series, but in time attack and track work overall in Japan, has been Yoshitaka-San and the guys from ASLAN, the Osaka based tuning shop.

They run a number of their brand components such as the Carbon EG front, and Series-6 ducts, the latter being attached to another Carbon item - their take on the bonnet.


ASLAN Carbon Front.

ASLAN also has historical ties with the famed Kanjo team - Temple Racing.

ASLAN & Temple Racing.

Another of the Kanjo related teams that some of you may be familiar with, is that of TOPGUN. Their Civic always a presence at the One Make series.

Wondering around the grounds both in and around Suzuka Circuit, it wasn't all track cars to be viewed, such as this amazingly clean CR-X.

..And this well prepared Evo Wagon, one for the family, but this one was also on track duty, taking advantage of the trial run and appreciation timed part of the day.

Back on the other side of the Pit lane, and the ASLAN crew were deep in discussion on how to get the best of the car on a really hot day and humid air. The setup went out with 295/30/18 up at the front, whilst a 295/45/17 was put in place on the rears for the staggered style of the RAYS Wheels it was running.

ASLAN team talk.

Another car sat just across the pit from them was this ASLAN x Temple Racing EF Chassis, one that some of you might recognize from this year Osaka Auto Messe, and one that I had seen for the first time since that same show.


Of course, this is no show pony, and with a time of 2'31.946, it was 4th fastest on the day.

Not a show car.

No sooner has I taken the above shot, I turned to see one of my Instagram contacts' appear from the pit and out for another run (@civic_ramen) is his tag.

Yamauchi-San from CAR MAKE ACROSS is one driver always at the top of his game, and I'm always seeing his feed online that's he's out at the circuit, taking in practice, and setting the pace. However today luck was not on his side and the car didn't want to work in harmony, with the man and machine managing a 2'45.82 time - One that on his day, he would shatter.


Everyone was keeping up to date with the times via the in-pit time boards.

Check out Yoneda-San's DA6, this car was screaming down the front straight, and those sounds echoed into a performance as he'd finish 16th overall, and ahead of the higher classed N1 cars.

Yoneda-San DA6

The guys from 1RANKUP-Auto were also in attendance.

1 RANK UP Auto

1 RANK UP Auto

And of course, it wouldn't be a day like this, with these names in attendance, if Kazu-Sama from Osaka JDM was not around and supporting the drivers under his guidance and help.

Osaka JDM

That is for Part:1 of the event from us. Much work to do ahead of Japan's upcoming Obon Festival holiday period. We'll be back with Part:2 as soon as we can.

Thanks go out to Hayashi-Sama and the Zerofighter team, and everyone else that made it a great event.



Suzuka Circuit.



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