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N1R Clubman Racing is back!

So N1R Clubman Racing is back!!!!

Well, yes and no.. I'll explain.

Last year anyone who's anyone in the world of the Suzuka Clubman Race series from senior drivers, to mechanics, to friends and family, and to media guys lime myself were all doing our best to raise awareness to feedback to the higher ups at Suzuka Circuit - Why, because as you may recall they had decided that last years series was going to be the last for the Civic series.

Despite the efforts of many over the final few months of the season, the decision was not reversed. This left a void coming into the coming 2024 season for some of those drivers.

The answer came in the form of Yosuke Hayashi & Dasiuke Hayashi. If those names sound familiar, they should, as they are the head honchos at Zerofighter Auto Custom, and the same guys that organize the Honda One Make Champion Race series we cover.

They decided they would start a new class within the One Make series this year specifically for the N1R machines, as the modifications carried out on these Civics go beyond the more simpler ones to those made in the N1 Class.

Thus opening a series that the owners/drivers could adapt to this year.

Not all of the drivers though have converged over, and some of the civics we were seeing last year at Suzuka are now up for sale, but it is honestly good to see that some of the machines are still in battle for each round this year, and for me personally it cuts down on extra trips to Suzuka and luckily I get to cover double the action on a single race day.

A few photos below from round 2, many more to come...



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