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Garage ACTIVE x Roughsmoke

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Good news to start a Monday morning and a new week.

We're now a direct dealer for Garage ACTIVE.

They're not new on the scene, but many of you may have come to know them from the high amount of exposure they garnered from this year's Tokyo Auto Salon.

I was helping on the BN Sports stand directly next to the Active stand and you couldn't help but stop and admire the '32 they had on display.

Fast forward to now and from those initial introductions, we're proud to have the Fukuoka-based team on board as another exciting addition to the extensive list of brands we can offer.

Over on the site we offer some 60+ brands of manufacturers from all over Japan, and ship worldwide. Head over to the site to see a small selection. We're trying to find time to upload on all the other brands we can offer - bare with us.

Thanks all.





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