ZeroFighter: Where Honda's got to live again.

A couple of weeks ago we had enough room in our schedule to accept Daisuke-San's invitation to head over to the ZeroFighter garage in Nara-Ken.

A location not easy to miss as you pass the company's large notorious Orange sign and logo shown across the front of the main office building.

The team moved to this location just a couple of years back, one that used to be that of a former filling station, but also offers a lot more floor space that allows the duo of Daisuke-San and his brother and company CEO Yousuke-San to fulfill their customer needs.

Indeed upon arrival and exchanging greetings with all, it was Yousuke-San's EG that was one of the first things I'd wanted to look over. A couple of month's prior it had undergone quite a big repair job after going off track at Suzuka, and indeed once more just the weekend prior to my visit I had also been at the same track where the driver and machine received quite an unfortunate helping hand after a frantic race start and got sent into the wall just after Suzuka's pit lane exit - quite near to where I was