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Yamamoto S14 - Photo Set.

If you've followed Roughsmoke for some time, then one car you may be familiar with is Yamamoto-San's S14.

It is a car we have often come across and taken photos of let alone admire as he is constantly throwing it sideways on Meihan Sportsland drift track over in Nara-Ken.

This day was a little different though, Yamamoto-San had contacted us on Facebook and asked if we would be attending the WORK Wheels Fitment event at Suzuka Circuit - which in fact we were - so he made the trek up from Wakayama prefecture to put his car into the show.

Whilst gathering media on the day we were also working as part of the TANOSHI brand team that was on hand, the team had another part in the show which saw them having to individually select cars from the show for their own reasons as to why they liked them.

Yu-San from TANOSHI ended up selecting this S14 on the basis of a number of factors - Street registered, driven to and from tracks on its own wheels, and driven hard on one of Japan's most dangerous tracks - All whilst being kept impeccably clean.

Enjoy the rest of the photos below.



BRIDE Driver's Seat ZIEG 3 Lo-Max

BRIDE Passenger seat Stradia Lo-Max

Steering Nardi Type Rally 33ф

Exterior TRA Kyoto

Rear Wing Rocket Bunny

F Fender Rocket Bunny

R Fender Origin 55㎜

Bonnet Car Modify Wonder


Naplec High Response Kit Big Valve

Tomei Powered Procam IN.EX260 °

Reinforced valve spring

Titanium valve retainer

Turbine GCG

Mission Nismo 6 (HPI)

Clutch Nismo Super Copper (HP)

Def Nismo GTLSD


Work Meister S1 3piece

F, A disk of -9 rim width 121mm

R, O disk of -14 rim width 147mm

Tire Nitto NT555G2

F255 / 35R18x9.5J

R265 / 35R18x10.5J

GK Tech Arms

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