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The Kansai Articles: Vol 2

Hello everyone, we're back with another blog aimed towards the fraternity of awesome people that make up the flair and fun that forms part of car culture within the Kansai car culture here in Japan.

After tackling the onslaught of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 it was time to head 'South' as we say here to take a look at TAS' little brother - Osaka Auto Messe 2018..

Auto Messe is part of the three big shows that kicks of the year here in Japan alongside Tokyo, and then swiftly followed up by Nagoya Car Showdown.

Here we've a just a selection of shots from our attendance.

Of course things can be tiring when taking all these shows - so some down time to test yourself can be just as appealing - like this gentleman taking on some virtual speed..

It wouldn't be a car show in Japan without the 'Kei Car' enthusiasts being represented..

As a lot of you know we offer support to Supermade. The Osaka based aero outfit was on hand to stand up for the locals and their new 80mm fender set-up (both FR and RR) on the Silvia S15 they had on the booth was attracting many views..

URAS may not be a Kansai outfit, but we were sure glad they had decided to bring along their own S15 to the show.

Being so busy at TAS we hadn't the chance to see it in the flesh. The Fendered out fronts, alongside Canard supported front with those smaller wheels with fat rubber gives it some almost American street drag appeal on a well established Japanese platform.

Five Mart / Osaka JDM crew were on hand with a selection cars.. Kanjo family represent!

T-Demand providing a simple but effective booth. 

Plenty of supension parts alongside lifestyle products being sold by the team on the day.

Something Bosozoku for the weekend perhaps..

Often a reccuring sound wether we are in kansai or Kanto is the sound of young rebelious girls and guys rapping the throttle on said machines letting us know exactly how they feel about following the strict line - or so they feel - that many regular Japanese do..

Well done sir.. Enter applaud emoji here..

We can't say it's a job we would like to undertake being stuck inside these bunny costumes for three consecutive long days - but the people inside were sure having a fun time at the Hello Special booth..

The for-mentioned booth operators executing their own brand of flavour here at Auto Messe.

We can't finish up though without another shot of the URAS S15..

Auto Messe may be on the smaller scale versus it's Tokyo counterpart - but certainly no less the fun. It does give you the chance as above to catch up on seeing some of the great vehicles on show that maybe you don't have time to considering the scale of TAS.

It also throws up some brands and suprises from those that just don't even make the trip to the capital - whether due to the distance - or for some the fact they do actually just want to represent Kansai and flourishing flavour it has to offer.

Some more pics of the cars on offer to flow freely through our more regualr post so social as time passes.

Thanks for taking the time time to join us again here on Roughsmoke.

We love you all x.



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