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The Kansai Articles: Vol 1

Trenched within Tochigi prefecture in the Northern region of the Kanto plain, Japan - we are face to face with a Kansai machine belonging to Vito-San. 

The Osaka based resident has travelled some way to be with us and everyone else at a drift round of MSC at the areas infamous Nikko Circuit.

When at events across the great country you may be able to pick out a driver based upon their driving style.. Is it 'Yamaguchi Style'?... 'Kanto Style'?... What is their entry of 'Tobashi'?... or how about the 'Pakin'?...

But without even a spit of gasoline fueled breath having to exit the exhaust to produce a note - this is evidently one car hailing from the South.

 The playful and very colorful color scheme is screaming Kansai, and that in itself bears familiarity for those both in Japan and abroad...

... From Circa mid-2000's many have seen the BURST videos doing the rounds via YouTube and other online social platforms. The stemming from those seeds have led many to believe that really any car from the area sporting the Purple & Pink is then part of the same group. IT's a falsity that is hard to get across to the many, but the color scheme is engrossed as part of friendship and respect across the inter-locked prefectures of Osaka, Mie, Kyoto, Shiga, Wakayama, Nara - and has boasted members from teams such as Otokichi, BLOW, BLOOM, and the for-mentioned BURST amongst others.

Meihan Sportsland in Nara is the spiritual home to these drivers and a day at the circuit is not only a memory to treasure for the first-timer but will put your mind into receiving the knowledge that the sheer level of skill and determination of the drivers from the region can rarely be matched.

I believe there there is more skill and flair existing in the isolated pocket of drifting within the Kansai region than there is in drifting collectively.

 There is much more to the elements above than meets the eye, and our insight into region will hopefully pull you in futher.. We'll continue this discussion with you all more soon x



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