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Suzuka Clubman Race (RD:2) May 2021

Last month we shot over to Suzuka Circuit for the second round of this years Clubman Series where our attentions would be on the FF Challenge class that would contain the Civic's.

EG6, EK4, and EK9 models are eligible for the series, and mostly run at the equivalent of N1 Spec setup. The Clubman series is one of the most intense and hard fought series on the tracks of Japan and always has some fun battles.

Here's just a few select random photos from the paddock area we took on the day.

Daisuke and Yosuke, the brothers from ZeroFighter loaded up after the race.

Morioka-San's EG6 on Dunlop tires on the grid waiting for the race start.

Kijima's TBO x DEEP Grip EK9 getting ready to go all out. 12th place in qualifying with a best of 02:30.646. The pair would finish in an impressive 7th.

Kakeru's AutomaxIzumi x A.P.O EK9 that qualified in 9th for the day and would finish in 6th.

8th place on the grid on Saturday, for Kazu in the Fivemart x ATS Garage x Nutec EG6. Not the best of days for the machine and pilot as they'd finish 13th in Sunday's race.

Another one of the ZeroFighter squad parked up in the scrutineering area following the race.

Kanbara-San's Whitehawk EK9 that had qualified 11th on the second day of the event that went on to finish 8th picking up a few nice positions.

The Recovery Charge EK of Tatsumi-San that wasn't running so well picked up last place on the grid with a best of 02:37.720 - some 9 seconds off the pace of the first place car. 19th place finish in the race picking up one overtake and benefiting from two retired cars.

Seki's MODE x KRac EG6 just after the race. The car and driver working well to secure 6th place on the grid for Sunday's race, and improving on that by a further position in the race to finish 5th.

Another shot of Kakeru's car post-race.

Yosuke-San picked up a very nice 4th place finish. A tough fought battle that saw him just miss out on a podium, but a job well done.

Naoya's EG6 that would start the race in 5th and go to secure the final step on the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Some people call the perfect race a 1st place in qualifying followed by a 1st place finish, if that's the case it was a perfect weekend for Matsushita and the RS Factor EG6 as that's exactly what they did.

Post race group shot.

Daisuke-San having a dogfight up front and battling warm weather as well to score a very impressive 2nd place finish. That was 2nd and fourth for the brothers on a good weekend all round.

Suzuka Circuit though still claims it's own so you have to be on top form when challenging this famous circuit.

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo set from the weekend. If you haven't seen it already, we uploaded some raw clips to the YouTube channel previously. See the video via the link below and help us out be subscribing to the channel and clicking the bell so you don't miss future uploads.


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