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No Good Racing x Roughsmoke

Hi all, as some of you may have seen recently, the No Good Racing team here in Osaka, Japan - Announced us as their exclusive distributor of goods/merchandise. (Effective from 2019/05/11).

Since 1985 the famous team of Osaka has been running hard, and are still strong to this day. Sure the Kanjo scene itself isn't at it's peak of say 10 to 15 years, but those still dedicated to the game and committed, and more so to pass on the culture to the next generation.

We're not here to cover stories, myths, or anything else regarding the team - You can do that by scouring through Google and choosing to believe what you may about this secretive underground car culture, Instead we're here to focus on supporting NGR and providing all their goods to you all.

We've taken delivery of stock and in the coming days will have those sorted and up online for everyone to purchase.

Social media for our partnership can be found on these channels:

***No Good Racing products are only available in two places.

1: NGR Official Twitter account (For Japanese customers).

2: On Roughsmoke official SNS (Website, FB, IG, etc..)

If you see NGR goods for sale on any other site/platfrom, they are not NGR goods and not endorsed/support by NGR or Roughsmoke***

Thank you everyone for the amount of messages we've received since announcing our partnership, Goods will be up soon.

Thank you.




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