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No Good Racing - Photo set #1

Recently we arranged with the No Good Racing boss to get together for a small meet to in some part just hang out, and on the other hand, discuss ongoing business and how we can further the 'brand' experience for international fans and customers.

Only expecting a handful of cars, we were surprised to see more than a dozen cars had got together for the meet, this was made more so by the incoming storm to the region. Whereas many people in the Kansai area were preparing for the worst, we were sat in an undisclosed location drinking coffee from one the ever so handy vending machines, and talking cars and business.

Without any requests from us, a series of messages passed throughout members throughout our get together to organize the cars in various lineups and layouts so that we could get some photo's in between talks.

One of two recent Red Bull themed liveries that have been applied to one of the member's cars that some of you may have seen on his our collaboration Instagram account made an appearance.

Love the vinyl on this EK9.

Tucked away on the outskirts of the city, we were only joined by a few other like-minded car enthusiasts who had parked on the other side of the area we had decided to make our home for the night.

''Yellow Shark'' was out and looking mean for everyone to see.

The second on the new Red Bull livery EK9 which barely had the time to have the vinyl settle on it before it made the journey to join our party.

Rocking the new NGR official team website address on the hood was a nice touch that hadn't made its way yet on to some of the older designs on other cars.

Red Bull Racing holds a bit of personal memory for us, so having some of the NGR members rolling with these designs was great to see.

'Shine Motor' was on hand also. The first time we had got to encounter it for a while.

We wonder if it will make another appearance at the 2020 Auto Messe, possibly in another guise?.. Regardless we love the two tone Yellow/Green livery.

One of the designs we placed upon the store at the weekend ( Remember we are the exclusive worldwide dealer for NGR.

Group photo for the last shot as we finish up this first bout of photos from our NGR get-togethers. We've much more to share with you as we go forward, so stay tuned with us as we'll have more media, information on cars, information about merch, and much more ahead.

Thanks go out to all the members that came out on this run.

Thanks also go out to VIP Performance (from the USA) who also joined us on a customer tour for this night, and they were very respectful of the team, and everyone enjoyed hanging out.

See you next time around for more.



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