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Honda VTEC One Make RD:2 2021

After being so disappointed on missing out of Round 1 of this years Honda VTEC One Make Race, there wasn't going to be any stopping from us heading over to Central Circuit in Hyogo-Ken for Round 2 of the annual championship.

We'd advised Hayashi-Sama of Zerofighter that we would be trying to cover every round of the series this year, so to miss out on the first race wasn't a great start to the year.

On arrival to pits to park up and start unloading equipment for the day, it was hard not to notice his company's synonymous Orange transporter.

Just because he his team are the secretariat an hosts of the series, don't think they won't get in on the action as you can see here with Hayashi-Sama's own EG exiting the under-bridge section of the course approaching the final corner.

Drivers briefing in a great time to break out the camera early on during the day so we can scour the pits and see who's made the trek to the circuit and entered into this round of the race.

It's not all Civic's at the One Make Race, as you can see here with RayTec Autoworks Honda Fit running in the Compact Class.

Ikegami-San with his EG2 was back once again, this time his Wharp Racing JACCS livery had come to completion after we'd just seen the base applied only when we encountered previously a month or so before.

He'd go on to secure 2nd place in the N1 Class with a best time of 01:30.109 on the day.

Ikemoto-San with his EG6 was also running. I've ban a fan of this livery since first seeing it online last year, and then seeing it first hand a number of times since. The liveries are just as fun for me to see as much the race itself.

Koyama-San and his Koyan-Puma EK9, finishing 3rd in the N1 Class, was another car I'd seen on Instagram recently with this new Puma wrap, so it was fun to see it first hand and with a 01:30.719 and podium - it was a successful day for pilot and machine.

The Yellow Dragon team were here in numbers mainly as they would also be hosting another event (The JJ Cup) the very next day, so why not double up and run in One Make whilst you're at it.

The EG in the foreground finished unfortunately with a DNS for the day in Open Class.

Whilst Chokobōru-San in the Yellow Dragon EG6 would take the overall win and win in the Open Class on the day. A best time of 01:25.546 recorded on lap two out of the ten run.

One of the Get Wild Racing cars on the main straight, Takashima-San and the EF9 combining with great effect to to score win on the day in the N2 Class and get 3rd overall.

Some of you might be asking was Joe-San from Car Make Across running - and the answer is yes. In a newly acquired and built EG6 he was competing in the N1 Class and would take the class win on the day.

One to most fun battles to watch in the main race as he, Ikegami-San's EG2, and Koyama-San's PUMA EK were vert tightly contesting the top three battle.

I'll let a selection of other photos from the day take over from here. Hopefully you've enjoyed this photo set and brief look into the day. For those interested more in the rules of One Make racing, check out the video uploaded to our YouTube HERE and subscribe to the channel there for more videos upcoming from the day.

We'll be sure to try and make Round 3 to share more and update you on the standings.

Thanks for the support all.




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