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Happy new year!

Hello everyone and happy new year for 2019!...

2018 is now behind us, but what a year in terms of experiences, building operations, and much, much more..

That's all down to you guys and girls and the support you offer.

- @roughsmoke

For media we got to head out to Meihan Sportsland and a few other tuner shops throughout the year to gather SNS for our archives and also media partners that we supply content too.

Whilst hitting up such events is a great way to catch up, we're still there to do a job so it's fun getting to see such great cars and people and actually carry out business at the same time.

- @roughsmokestyleup

A great year for the parts side with containers including goods for you all heading out to Europe, U.S.A, and Australia as well as all the slightly smaller orders for various wheels, tuning parts, etc being sent via DHL/EMS direct to many of you around the globe.

The best year we've had so far, and we want to make 2019 even better...

- @roughsmokebline

A very good year in the books for the BLINE setup as we concentrated more in this area in locating new dealers looking to buy stock. We were lucky enough to link up such people in the U.K and the U.S.A whom throughout the year went on to export many units through us - Again with the new year in full effect - we're looking to go even bigger in this area...

So thanks again to you all.. Let's go get it in 2019!!!!



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