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FUNKY Racing @ Nikko

In one of our more recent trips to Nikko Circuit there seemed to be a familiar Red & Yellow shine coming from the corner of the pit area at Tochigi prefectures famous ground..

It was the Silvia pairing from FUNKY Racing - a team we had encountered on one of our first trips up North. The team recognised us instantly despite the emmense amount time that had passed since our last encounter!

After speaking to our good friend Ihara-Sama - the CEO of Nikko - he granted us access to the 'Gallery' area of the Circuit so that we could grab some snaps of our long lost friends..

Shining in the sun we had limited time to get some shots before other assignments drew close..

Nagashima-San is the owner of the S15 (Autech Version)..

As we said before it's hard not to miss the un-mistakeable Red & Yellow color combo..

Low riding height with an almost Southern Kansai flair.. That scores points with us..

That surely gets executed on track though with the help of the 360HP SR20DET Engine being pushed hard by the TD06 Turbo..

Okoshi-San is not to be outdone though..

It was he actually of whom we rode shotgun with on our first meeting..

Federal rubber propelling his car towards the fun zone..

The 180SX being also helped swiftly along by the 500 RB26 with GCG Turbo..

An original THRASH Racing seat though holds him firmly in place..

We'll save our sliding shots and video for another time..!

Early mornings and coffee and late night returns after a day shooting at the track is hard sometimes. But when you have the chance to catch familiar faces at circuits throughout Japan it makes it all worth while..

Thanks to Okoshi-San and Nagashima-San for your time and we'll head back North again soon, we promise not to leave it so long next time ^-^/




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