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Auto Messe 2020: No Good Racing x Roughsmoke

For those of you that have been following closely over the last year, you'll know a little prior to that, and more so in the last twelve months we've been working with No Good Racing here in Osaka.

From that we were more than willing to jump in and help the team prepare for this years edition of Osaka Auto Messe.

This rather sarcastic yet really well executed EF9 with a police car theme attracted much of the events crowd over a fun packed three days.

Considering the relationship the team have had with the authorities over the last 35 years, it was ironic to see such a livery with the iconic phrase of ''Bye Bye Police'' plastered across the rear bumper of the EF.

With Kentarou-San's EK9 sat in the middle, the three-car stand was filled out by Shine Motors EG6 with a rather unique Japanese highway maintenance theme. Definitely not what many people expected, and it was great to see the faces of the hundreds of people we had coming to the stand.

If you've seen the news in general over the last few months you may have caught note of Ghosn-San, now formally of Nissan. He was alleged to have been involved in some shady going-ons at his former employer and was under house arrest of sorts before smuggling himself out of Japan hidden in a music box.

In a recent interview his hand made the same gesture that NGR members make, that combined with his almost ''Bye Bye Police'' escape made him into a hero of sorts for the event and the team made these ''Ghosn stickers'' to put on their cars and sell at the show.

Some Nissan employees at the show saw them, but they saw the humorous side and didn't say anymore.

Plenty of other merch on the stand, such as steering wheels, Harnesses, oil caps, stickers old and new, and other goods that people attending could buy.

Yayo-Chan was on hand at the Mode-Parfume booth next to us, but being friendly with the team she was more than happy to come over and do her modelling with the NGR cars a few times a day.

A great event had by all, which was nicely broken up on the Saturday night with a secret meet organized by NGR, Jonas from JDM Yard, Yasu from Exceed, Joey from the Chronicles, and a few others.

Big thank you to everyone on behalf of us and from the No Good Racing team for the constant support and love you show.

Make sure to follow @nogoodracing_x_roughsmoke on Instagram, and also head over to our store to check on current NGR products as we're the exclusive seller for their goods to all overseas countries.

This year is the teams 35th Anniversary so please keep showing the love as we move forward together throughout this year.


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