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Roughsmoke is based in Osaka, Japan - One of the countries hubs for Car and Motorsport culture.

The "Kansai" region that surrounds it is home to circuits like Suzuka Circuit in Mie, Meihan Sportsland in Nara, Central Circuit in Hyogo.. as well as famed tuner shops like J's Racing, Zerofighter, Tactical Art, Auto Select, Trial, FEED, and many others. Join on us on a journey and we delve into the culture that surrounds us on a daily basis.

We also are sub-section of No Good Racing, a team formed way back in 1985, and Roughsmoke is the exclusive worldwide supplier of No Good Racing goods and merchandise, and also supports in various fields like media and overseas interaction.

Our parts division also strives to support fellow car enthusiasts around the world - whether it's the supply or New items from the shops mentioned above as well as the some 60+ other brands we can also supply, or with used goods that customers can purchase via Yahoo Auctions.

Throw on top of that our "Kansai Tour Service" which allows us to take customers visiting Osaka to those same shops and circuits, then it's easy to understand why we're the go to service for many people wanting to know more about the culture here.

Thanks for taking a look at the site here and loo forward to connecting with you all.


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