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WORK Wheels 'Fitment' Event at Suzuka Circuit GP Square

This past weekend played host to the WORK Wheels 'Fitment' Event at the GP Square, part of the historical and world renowned Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

The WORK team had opened up the opportunity for anyone running and of their wheels to attend and enter the event in the hope they could showcase their ride and the 'Fitment' attained with their selection of said wheels.

Various names were presented at the event such as 'TANOSHI Brand' whom have been working alongside the WORK brand and in turn with ourselves (More exciting news on this coming..) as well as others such as the well recognized A-Bo-Moon team whom had travelled over from nearby Nagoya Prefecture with a selection of their R32 low style cars, spearheaded by none other than team leader Akinobu Satsukawa. BN Sports aero coupled with 326 Power Coilovers and the WORK's nicely doing the job once more.

Various genres of cars often make a presence at these types of events, from KEI Cars, USDM, Drift, Luxury and everything in between.

This Fairlady immediately pulled us across the parking area that had been assembled. Stunning airbrush quality throughout along with that ferocious rear wing all making quite the statement.

And then..

We've a host of other media pulled together form the day, so we'll lead on for now with a selection of shots from prize winners from the day shown below..

Massive thanks to:

WORK Wheels,


Wen Huang,

Teruaki Imawaki,

and everyone else in attendance for a quality day.



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