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Honda One Make: Part 2 - Time to go

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

A couple of days ago we put up part:1 of the recent Honda One Make race at Suzuka, let's continue where we left off.

As mentioned previous, the day was organized in great order, due to the preparations made by Hayashi-Sama and the Zerofighter team.


Just like them though, everyone else like the ASLAN crew was finding themselves back in the pits making small adjustments and fine-tuning their cars to ensure they had the best possible chance of the quickest run in the day's second main session which would be a 4ominute window.

Whilst our friends from No Good Racing ( wouldn't have any cars on track this day, they were still being represented at the event in some form or another.

It was time to attack though, and Tsuruguchi-San in his Orange EG6 would launch from the pit-lane and head off to a 2'33.740 lap, which would be enough to be the second quickest of the N1 class cars on the day.

Moments later the defining sound of Kurashita-San's DC2 with the old school kool cigarettes livery, would come down the straight and over the line with a nasty (in a good way) 2'33.004 time which would secure 1st quickest car in the N2 class.

Let us not forget Yoneda-San who you saw in part 1, a car which many of you seemed to like.

On a day with that much heat, it was important to stay hydrated so heading out to drink machine I saw Temple Racing's Fukui-Sama's car parked up.

I definitely need to get a full-on photoshoot with this thing and have a chat with him about the car.

More cars were dive-bombing back into the pit to make changes, Sumi-San and his EG6 one of those needing to make something happen. I think whatever he did, worked as he'd finish up third fastest in the N1 class with a rather well deserved 2'34.241

The equally shiny RIDE w/ Charge Special EK9 of Tsuyoshi-San also in and trying to find the right combination of setup.

What of the ASLAN EG6 and Tomo-San, well it was pretty much thought of they'd have a shot of securing a first-place finish, as has been the case in many recent races for this car, and he drove the tires off the thing again as he'd secure first place overall on the day with a mind-blowing 2'24.180. In respect of the heat and the conditions, you'd have to wonder if a day where the weather would be more in place for a full attack, what the time could have been...

I'm not leaving this without another shot of the Temple Racing EF9 - I love this thing.

That's it for now. We're off and into the holiday here in Japan. Hopefully, we'll be back soon with more coverage of more events for you all.

Stay safe,





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