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Six days a week, auction houses across Japan are filled with hopefull agents and delaers looking to bid on cars either for overseas customers, or perhaps for their own stock.

We`re no different as we`re apart of that very same process.

We have agents at many of the auctions across the country that provide us with valuable inspections that we feed back to our customers enabling them to make a much more informaed decision if to bid on their cars of interest.

Once we secure a car, it arrives to our yard in Osaka and once paid we`ll arnage the shipping and forwarding of the required paperwork to the customer.

If you're a used car delaer and wish to work with us to secure cars for your inventory then get in touch with us and we`ll be happy to assist.

We do work with individuals also so again get in touch with us if you're serious and looking to pruchase a car from Japan.

We look forward to working with you.


Roughsmoke CEO.

"Circuits and Dreams"

(A few photos below taken by us of cars at our yard prior to shipping).

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