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1v1: The Katsumata EF9

At the risk of crashing the Internet we'll actually upload a blog post today.. Yes, a real blog post, I couldn't believe it myself.

When at the recent JJ Cup it was nice to see that the Katsumata Machine Performance EF9 was in the paddock and it was positioned in a nice spot so I spoke to the owner to request if it was okay to sheet a quick series of photo's for this intended post.

The owner (@inkatsu0448 on Instagram if you'd like to follow him) knew me from my multiple appearances at the track and also from my previous photo's i'd shot and shared on the car online prior - so he was more than happy to let me get hands on with the EF.

The Civic blends the balance of what a Kanjo style car should look like but takes it a couple steps extra to make it competitive when it comes to a track or competition day like this.

225/50/15 Yokohama rubber surrounds the Enkei 15/8J wheels that carried a 28 offset up front, whilst 205/50/15 hugs the 15/7J wheels at the back that carry a 15 offset.

Grab the GTAV keys and pop open all the doors..

Hood up and a few select components provide the balance between a stable setup and one that will provide reliability around the figure-of-eight Central Circuit layout.

Inside doesn't get over complicated as well.

A BRIDE Low Max keeping driver and machine locked together as they go for the attack.

Location, Location, Location.

Back on the outside and various One Make participation/inspection stickers, as well as others like the Central Circuit Time Attack sticker adorn the offside fender.

This was the last shot in the holding area as I was aware it was about 15 minutes before the pair had to make it out on track, so after thanking the owner I move to the pit lane to prepare for a last couple of photo's.

Awaiting to join the exit group.

I hope you enjoyed this 1v1 selection of photo's as it's my plan going forward that we get more hands on with individual machines that we often encounter at the track or at tuner shops whilst doing customer tours etc..

Catch up with you all soon.




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