Roughsmoke, based in Osaka, is a car culture website that focuses on track, street, meet and garage content from the city and the surrounding Kansai area as well as some other areas of Japan.

Starting out as street culture website initially, the Roughsmoke project quickly became a automotive only brand after experiencing first hand the sights and sounds of renowned circuits like Suzuka Circuit, and Tsukuba Circuit and others. The calm of 2am talks in the hills of the country with a hot can of coffee whilst others would zip-tie damaged aero back together after colliding with nature under dipped headlights. The sounds of tools being worked in the garages across the country as customers cars would be processed. This is how Roughsmoke was born and continues to grow to this day.

We pride ourselves on original content and in turn sharing that with many car lovers around the world in the hope of what we see and share can provide a smile to their faces and perhaps push them to also achieve their goals and dreams.

Stay with us on Roughsmoke as continue to cover events like the Honda One Make Race Series (Media Partner), others like the Suzuka Clubman Series, various soukoukai events, and many other encounters,


Roughsmoke CEO.

"Circuits and Dreams"

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