Another addition to our setup is to offer custom tours of the Kansai area, something you may have seen over time when we've released the odd photo or two. A lot of our photo's we share on social do actually come from the days where we've taken customers to such locations like Suzuka Circuit, Central Circuit, Meihan.. or to well established tuner shops like J's Racing, Tactical Art, Zerofighter, Auto Select and so on..


Once you've planned your trip to Japan and have CONFIRMED dates of travel and days you'll be in the Osaka area, then please contact us to check availability and the options at hand.

It is best to contact us around two months in advance of the dates you'll be here as this will let us see clearer information as to the events that might be happening during your stay.

Tuner shop attendance can only be arranged around one week in advance, no guarantees can be made that a specific shop will be open or that certain 'names' will be available to speak **If you do not use our tour service and still attend these shops - PLEASE - make an effort online to reach out to them to ask if it's to go, it's extremely rude if you do not, even if you think they seemed okay when you went there**

Going to a certain touge, or nighttime hotspots that may have some 'action' can also be arranged, but understand we cannot ascertain if any such action will take place. We may be able to utilize some contacts to arrange something, but this all happens at the expense and risk of others. We will NOT put our friends or associates at risk just so you have photo's for the 'gram!


**Costs remain the same regardless of the size of party, so it suits a party of around 3-4 persons best, but we can accept single bookings, as well as parties up to six people.**

- 40,000 JPY.

- 50% deposit to be made up three days in advance, the balance to be paid on pickup on the morning of said booking so it's done and we can get on and all enjoy the day.



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