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So whether you're visiting Japan in person or from the comfort of your own home - you can enjoy the option of tours with Roughsmoke.

IRL Tours:

We entertain groups of the size of 1-6 people and will arrange to collect you from your hotel in the Osaka region and head out on a day of awesomeness.

We'll pre-arrange the day with you so you have an idea of what to expect, whether it be a track day event at the destinations of Suzuka Circuit, Meihan Sportsland, Central Circuit, Okayama Circuit, or Bihoku Circuit - or perhaps it may be a day of visiting various tuner shops and the odd UP-garage along the way.

Virtual Tours:

Can't afford a plane ticket to Japan or just don't want to leave the house - don't worry we've got you covered, we'll arrange a day of visiting the same types of locations as above and video directly to you so we can link and talk with you whilst we go on a virtual tour whilst you can ask questions to us or the shop/event staff, whilst also shopping live with us securing anything you see on camera for which we'll then arrange shipping of to you.

Get in touch with us if you have plans on visiting Japan and want to do a tour, or to secure a virtual tour booking. Once confirmed you can purchase your tour below.

We look forward to sharing Japan with you all.

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