Honda VTEC One Make Race RD:4 2021

So October 3rd bought around the latest race from the Honda (VTEC) One Make Race Series, so of course we were looking forward to heading out and over to Central Circuit to take in the action and see what would unfold.

A warm, clear morning with the regular sights and sounds of the people and cars that would running in the N1, N2, Open and other classes spread out in the various pit boxes, along with a host of other cars at the far end of the paddock that were running in another event.

Starting off with the K-Class, a division that tends to have cars such as the PP1 Beat, and the JA4 Today saw two runners - Shindoさん (Today) and Mistbahn (Beat) coming into round 4 both on 20 points, but interestingly neither would be here to compete, which means we'll need to see who turns up in December in the last round to try and claim the title.

In the C-Class (Compact) Yanoさん in his GK5 would take the win and would move him up to fourth place in the standings, but it's Obataさん in his own GK5 topping the table as he picked up 12 points here in round 4. He has an 8 point lead going the final match in two months time.

The N1-Class provides the most hotly contested division with the rules giving such a close type of racing among the players taking part. However it hasn't seemed that way with Joeさん from CarMakeAcross in his Red EG6 taking home another victory. That's three from four races this season, and it means he sits on a massive 72 points whilst Ikegamiさん in his Wharp Racing EG2 is the closest competitor on just 31 points.

With Ikemotoさん (Dunlop / IRC EG6) on 29 points, Koyamaさん (PUMA EK9) on 24 points, and Naoyaさん (H.A.P EG6) on 23 points as well as a couple of others, the chase for second and third place will be interesting come round 5.

In N2, Iwataさん (EG6) took top step on the podium. That win moves him level on points with Takashimaさん's Get Wild EF9, so it's all to play