Honda One Make: RD.4 - A quick review

Once again it was time to buckle up and make the trip across the Kansai prefecture from Osaka to Mie-Ken, and check-in at Suzuka Twin Circuit for Round.4 of this year's Honda One Make race series.

As always it was Hayashi-Sama and the crew from Zerofighter that was hosting the event to make sure, as always, that things ran smoothly whilst keeping a relaxed and fun day - despite the various race classes that the drivers would be focused on.

It goes without saying that a few of the cars competing in the event along with their pilots are customers of the very same shop. Hayashi-Sama and team were acting as support shop for some of them between admin/host duties to help record data, and help maintain the vehicles between sessions.

Blessed with a nice crisp sunny day, various regulars from the local and neighboring prefectures had come out to compete.

Among them, the Motion - Idemitsu EF9, a livery that is just eye-catching with it's striking red/black/white colorway combination and graphics.

Yoneda-San was back also in his DA6. This car has an incredible sound, We need to get some video of that later for sure. He'd go on to finish second in the SS class on the day with his best lap a very tidy 1:10.277.

Other teams you know we support here on Roughsmoke were being supported around the paddock at the event..

Yamauchi-Sama and his Car Make Accross ride would of course be one of the heavy favorites to be top of the pile at RD.4..

Not a lot of return on your bet if you placed one and he would lead start to finish in the OP Class with the best time from him and machine of 1:06.115.

His performance maybe not looking as strong when you look at the second place timing of Ikegami-San in his EK4 which ran a best of 1:06.032 and was only 2.2 seconds off his tail when it came to the black and white flag. But by that time the top spot was secured.