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Bringing you RAYS of light..

Check out Martin's Silvia S15 from the UK.

Martin actually met with us first - not on the social networking aspect of our business - but right here in Japan, as he and his friends took up the option of one of our custom tours.

Whilst travelling to the likes of Auto Select, LOOKING, UP-Garage and such we got to talking of the right setup he could utilize on his Strawberry (15 in Japanese is numbers Ichi & go, put together form the word Strawberry).

After his return to the UK we kept up our contact and we decided that a set of RAYS TE37 Saga in 18x9.5 ET30 square set would do the job nicely.

We got in touch with RAYS and ordered them up, and after a few weeks wait and special pricing sorted for Martin, the goods shipped and within four days they had hopped halfway around the globe and followed Martin to their new home..

Get in touch if we can offer the same great service to you all.

Thanks Martin once more, and hope you're enjoying the new shoes !



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