1: Send us the link to the item you may wish to purchase from the Yahoo Auctions..

Send the link via DM to our parts page on FB or INSTA:

You can also use other proxy websites like Buyee and send us the auction link or auction ID number.

We also accept requests from other popular sites like UP Garage and Mercari, as well as any other website based

in Japan for goods (car related or not) that is legal and safe to send.


Yahoo Auctions has a host of categories not only car parts so we can export nearly everything that is on offer (Depending on your countries legislation). However, be aware of our knowledge on items other than car parts will be more limited.

Please visit to start searching:

Most browsers will let you right-click on the auctions page so you can get a basic translation of the goods you're viewing, This will help you determine condition and so on. The most basic searches such as 'RAYS' or say 'BRIDE ZETA III' will yield many results and you can sort by price (high/low) Condition, and amount of bids.


2: If you are happy with the estimate then you'll need to fire over a deposit (50%) of the current auction price so we can bid on the item for you, be sure to let us know the maximum bid you require to place on the item/s. 


3: When you win the item and it arrives in our offices, we will weigh the item/s to give you posted options and costs to you so you can choose within speed and budget the service you require. The balance is paid and tracking number/s will be provided so you can monitor the goods on route to you.


4: If you happen not to win the item, you can keep the balance with us to bid on other items. If there are no items at all you require then a refund will be given. There is no charge for us bidding on items you do not win.


Commission rates:

Items up to 35,000 Yen: 10%

35,000 Yen - 50,000 Yen:  3,500 Yen Fixed

50,000 +: 7%

Minimum rate: 2,000 Yen

Wheels (x4 set) minimum: 2,000 Yen

These costs are per order from us to the supplier/seller.

We will use our discretion to apply discounts to multi-item orders where we see fit and for returning customers.



Anything else:

The domestic courier fee will apply (only if seller charges, if not free) And only other is if the item requires a repack to ensure it's safe dispatch to you will extra fees apply.


The rates above are comparable with other markets within Japan providing similar services. For bulk buys further discount can be given at discretion. 

Accounts that maintain purchases over an agreed limit PCM will receive additional discounts and deals within our network.


Happy shopping!

Team Roughsmoke.

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