NINJA WiFI is the premier supplier of pocket WiFi appliances amongst others for those that are looking for the perfect travel companion when traveling around Japan.

Here at Roughsmoke we're often traveling around the country to various automotive events and we often need WiFi support to keep in contact with staff, customers, and also to LIVE stream what we see, as well as keeping up to date with our parts/service requests whilst on the go.. 

That's when we use our NINJA WiFi items to help us maximize efficiency on the move.

20% off ! ! ! 

We've now partnered up with NINJA WiFi to bring you an everlasting 20% discount on products you book with them by going us with them.

To simply book you're items and to automatically receive your discount, you can apply for your booking:

>>> [HERE] <<<

Whether it's a Router, iLi, or pocketalk device, then NINJA WiFi is your go to supplier.

Improve your visit to Japan by booking today.



Roughsmoke x NINJA Wifi




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