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一人でもたくさんのお客に車を好きになった、喜んでいますように活動をしていきたいと思っておりますので、今後ともよろしくおねがい いまします!

シムズ レス


And welcome to the Roughsmoke website.

Founded by current Co-CEO, Shimuzu, the site has progressed just beyond visiting circuit events or meets in Japan - But a total service for Japanese automotive lovers.

With an extensive parts support team offering both new and used goods, as well as aligning some exclusive partnerships, as well as providing external media support to some of Japan's most trusted brands, it's easy to understand the evolution and growth of what he and their affiliates have achieved.

Busy engrossed into multiple areas of the business, the website here provides a central hub for contact, but with some 50,000 followers across multiple SNS platforms, the team is executing daily to satisfy the needs of that crowd as well as it's Japanese partners.

Stay with the Roughsmoke team, and be sure to follow us on all major SNS to stay in touch on our work and encounters.




商号: Roughsmoke / ラフスモーク.

電話番号: +81 070-3399-3907.

代表者: シムズ レス  (Co-CEO).

資本金: filed 2018, 2019 open.

創業年月日: 2013.

連結従業員数: 5, (2x Internal, 3x External).

企業ミッション: Our team is to provide a one-stop-shop for everything related to the Japanese automotive industry. From media coverage to parts export, as well as design support and other services.

Our vision helps bring such services, goods, and opportunities to that outside of Japan who has limited access to such content and goods, whilst helping Japanese companies expand operations and reach on a global scale.



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